mr bojjhangas (wildpersimmons) wrote,
mr bojjhangas

the human phoneme experiment

leader of the free world

Toby, the weirder of the three called to say I should fucked. Irrespondable if I don't, better not sit a tome. Just I'm a chump if they twin, he said. So what if they twin, it's all the shame to me. Abomination or Abel killer. Time biding or impale. According to the reader of the weekly furled, the refuse show we can't extinguish between osama hussein talabani a coughing fit. God bless you, we say.

Better a dealer of the weed rolled to make states, knows how to handle his funny business, at least, shares well and wall street the other kids fairly. And what about the feeder of the weak and cold? For say, "I'm a probiotic candida. I'll bacteriophage your rights. As a former Colon, foreign bodies will be eliminated smoothly. My intestinal relations mean movement. Bloat for me for eater of the cinnamon swirl."

Just, before they institute a new daft I need to stray: police stake your hands off my notion. I won't scare if the sea rush in from your house. Forage ample, your ergonomic policies are lake pouring honey down the brain. Or in roulette, the loader of the fee whirled always takes the big—and you bet battle. Rut I need is pro-leave, not one hunted yearns of servitude, a rocky or irony.

Allah few, too. Not that I don’t loofah your back but I don’t rust any of you. See, merry cons think our way is the burst way: If you’re knot with us we’ll ring freedom to your con tree, too. But wipe up your fingers in a free pie? Bark off a little. This isn’t our response ability. We mote manifest dust in eye. Instead let’s antidote for a pro-laugh candid trait. Without summon nestea, we’ll never hear the speaker of the real word.
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